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After World War II, the US helped to reestablish Japanese economic security, partly by giving support to manufacturers. Many sewing machines made between the 1940s and 1960s have been manufactured in Japan, even if the label doesn't indicate it. How do you know your sewing machine was made in Japan? There are several ways to find out:

1:A Japanese sewing machine probably carries a “Made in Japan” or “JA” stamp. Check the underside of the machine if you don’t see it upfront.

2:Japanese sewing machines produced at a time often came in different colors than US-made machines. So look for unique tints, like candy-colored appliances.

3:Although there is a wide array of possible manufacturers, on your vintage sewing machine, you may come across one of these labels:

uki Corporation,

Toyota Sewing Machines (active since 1946 and known for their durability—read on Aisin),

Maruzen Machine Company

Brother Industries, Ltd., Brother sewing machine,

Janome sewing machine,

Koyo Sewing Machine Company,

Happy Industrial Corp.;

Pfaff vs Viking sewing machines – Which is best?

If you are looking for the best sewing machine and could not find it in the common brands available in the market, you may want to try out a Pfaff or a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine.It can be quite challenging to pronounce their names, but these machines are tried and tested for premium quality. Scroll down below if you want your hands on innovative and superior quality sewing machines.

Are Pfaff sewing machines good?

Pfaff machines are not just good machines; they are excellent. The Pfaff brand is known to be one of the strongest brands in the market today;Pfaff is a German company founded in 1872 has been successful in sewing machine production for 150 years. The brand produced sewing machines only for industrial use until 1931, when it released its first Pfaff home sewing machine.The company has manufactured various types of machines from domestic, embroidery, quilting sewing machines to sergers through the years.

The unique feature of a Pfaff is the IDT (Integrated Dual Transportation) added to selected Pfaff models in 1979, allowing home sewists to handle thick layers of fabric. With the exclusive IDT feature on a Pfaff sewing machine, you do not need a walking foot because you can feed your fabric through the feed dogs from both the top and the bottom simultaneously. The Pfaff brand of sewing machines has become a popular and trusted quality brand of sewing and embroidery machines in the market since 1980.

The Vintage Adler Sewing Machine (History, Value, Review)

Top sewing machines were made in many different countries of the world. Atlas used to import German machines from one German sewing machine company but other German companies produced top sewing machines as well. The trouble is their history is often convoluted.

Adler Sewing Machine History

The history of this company is intermingled with the final company it merged with in 1990. hat merger brought the Koch Adler and the Durkoppwerke together. Both companies started making sewing machines in the mid 19th century but they also made cars, motorcycles, and ball bearings.

Adler was the brand name for Koch made sewing machines. It changed its name before 1920 and was known as Kochs Adler N?hmaschinenwerke AG and in 1920 this company stopped making bicycles. The reason for that was its sewing machines were developing a great international reputation.

The Kochs Adler N?hmaschinenwerke AG company dropped household sewing machine production in the 1960s and Dürkoppwerke AG did the same later in that decade. In 1962 FAG Kugelfischer bought out Dürkoppwerke AG and 25 years later the same company bought the Koch firm merging the two into Dürkopp Adler AG.

Adler Sewing Machine Models

Adler makes quite a few different models even though its business is limited to industrial quality machines only. You have lock stitch, chain stitch, and apparel models as well as a variety of other sewing machines that cover different aspects of the industrial sewing trade.

Best Overlock Sewing Machines

I know it takes tons of research and time to choose an single overlock machine so since I had to take the time myself, I'm going to tell you all about my findings in this article. Maybe it’ll help you save your time and maybe even begin to overlock tomorrow. Just imagine!

Why should you buy an Overlocker?

1: Beautiful baby clothes look when you get creative with one of these little machines so an overlocker is the ultimate tool for young mothers or grandmothers who want to sew for their little ones.

2: Even though working with four spools of thread can be intimidating at first, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll not only be able to finish the hems in a professional manner but also make all sorts of fun clothing.

3:Apart from the fact that it’ll be a great addition to your sewing room, once you’ve got an overlock machine at home, you’ll be wondering why it took you so long before buying one of these.

4:While you could go crazy some decades ago trying to thread one of these, nowadays the best overlock sewing machines out there come with color-coded threading guides making the process much easier. YouTube is also full of detailed videos about every single model so if you wanted to, you might even skip reading the manual guide.

10 Best Automatic Sewing Machines in 2020

Manual sewing machines have the ability to complete any tasks thrown at them without creating a fuss. However, technological advancements in the sector have changed the dynamics of the sewing machines. Although manual machines are proficient in what they do, they cannot match the finesse and finishing of the computerized machines. Also, Singer Automatic Sewing Machine don’t let you make many mistakes and saves a lot of time in comparison to manual machines. Therefore, for the professional seamstresses who indulge in heavy work, these machines are more than apt. From a herd full of machines to choose from, one might get extremely confused while selecting the best machine that would suit the budget as well as the sewing style. Therefore, we decided to review a few of the best automatic sewing machines on the market.

Our Criteria for Selection

Both the machines, viz. automatic and mechanical do the common task of sewing. But what really separates them is the features offered, sewing speed, and their ability to give mistake-free products. Hence, we stressed on few factors that make a computerized machine useful and what makes them different from the mechanical ones. The criteria for the above-mentioned selections are completely are:

Stitch Speed

Built-in Stitches

Features Offered

Ease of Use


Overall Performance

Our Experts Reviews

Very few machines on the market can match the functionality of the Brother Designio 2400. However, it becomes vulnerable while threading.The motor tends to make an irritating noise at times. For the cost that it is offered, it is one of the best sewing machines for a seamstress of any level, especially a beginner.

As far as the computerized sewing machine is concerned, you won’t get any other sewing machine for the price this machine is offered. The features add to the brownie point of the machine. We were impressed with the performance of the motor, and the fact that is pretty much less noisy than the rest of the machines makes it more likable. Also, it is very easy to set-up, and the instruction manual that comes along with it makes it much easier. Automatic needle threader present in the machine saves a lot of time for the users. It can be useful for people who are using it for the first time as well as professionally skilled seamstresses.The computerized motor lets you work on your mistakes and the LED light gives you a brighter workspace.One can trust the reliability of Brother when it comes to the machine’s performance in the longer run. The machine is a convenient design for the seamstresses of all levels. It is lightweight, can be easily carried around, durable, and sturdy at the same time. 
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