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Biographie What to look for hiking pants? (part 2)

A pair of hiking pants is one of the absolute necessities if you’re planning to go on a hike. There are many Best Rated Hiking Pants on the market, but how do you know which one is best?

In this article, we will continue our discussion about features the best hiking pants should have. Stay tuned for what’s coming!

Convertible pants or roll-ups

Convertible pants have the advantage of compacting two kinds of pants: short and long - into one piece of garment. Instead of having to pack two pairs, simply wear the shorts and pack the extra in your backpack. Convertibles, however, are said to have absurd colour transformations if worn for a long time, leading to the fact that the short and long parts have different colours, although they are parts of the same pants. If you are considering choosing convertible pants, remember to check the zipper to make sure it works properly. You don’t want pieces of your pants falling out in the middle of the hike.

Roll up hiking pants are those that let you roll the extra length of the pants up when crossing streams or when feeling too hot. Roll-ups can be even lighter than convertible since you don’t need any extra fabric in order to transform the pants from one kind to another. One drawback of roll-ups, though, that they are often made of thicker materials, making it difficult to roll. Both convertible and roll-ups are ideal for fluctuating weather with large temperature discrepancies within the day.


Pockets are indispensable for those going on long hikes or to foreign territories. They are a good way to store maps, flashlights, phones, and other personal gadgets. There are three main kinds of pockets: front, back, and side.

Front pockets can inhibit movement if you put in long things such as flashlights or your phones. Some of those newer versions of iphones are gigantic. For this reason, when making big steps, these objects can easily scrape against your thigh and are pushed over. For those that wear a hip belt, especially those big, crocodile-skin ones, this can limit access to the front pockets.

Side pockets seem to satisfy hiking pants reviewers the most because of the high accessibility. For pockets, the bigger the better, because then you can store many things. Big side pockets therefore offer a convenient reach while preventing stuff from falling out.

Back pockets are generally smaller and do not offer much help. Besides, they are counter-intuitively placed at the back so many people almost never use them. What you still can do with back pockets is store your map or folded pieces of paper in it, just in case.

UV protection

A good pair of hiking pants offers protection against the sun. The reason pants can do this is because of the thick fabric that prevents the UV ray from penetrating through and reaching your skin. However, some fabric offers more protection than others, and you’re going to have to refer to the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) number listed on the product to see how well it blocks the sun. The higher this number, the better the protection.

Insect repellence

Some companies even go as far as coating their products with a layer of Permethrin - a substance that keeps insects away. If you’re trekking in the mountains of Australia or in tropical countries, you might want to place this fairly high on your list if you don’t want to be covered with insect bites.

Above is our list of the things Top Rated Hiking Pants should have. If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends!


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Top rated hiking pants - Good pants for hiking 
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