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Biographie Tooth brushing needs our full attention! However, if interest or ability is lacking, an electric toothbrush is a great alternative to a traditional toothbrush. What's the best electric toothbrush? The answer is simple: choose one you like with a design and function that suit your oral care needs. Power brushes use technology to enhance and improve the brushing experience but they may be intimidating to first-time users. Seeking the recommendation of your dentist or dental hygienist is a great place to begin improving your attention to oral health.

Electric toothbrush has many types with different fuvctions and suitable crowd, such as electric sonic toothbrush, oscillating toothbrush, kids electric toothbrush, kids u-shaped toothbrush, uv sonic toothbrush, etc.

Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

Can you brush effectively with a non-electric toothbrush? The answer is yes and no. Brushing should be done at least twice a day for two minutes using a method that reaches all tooth surfaces. It's easy to skimp on the full 120 seconds, and an electric toothbrush may help to improve your technique and compliance.Arthritis and certain medical conditions may make it difficult for one to grip or handle a conventional brush. An important feature of most electric toothbrushes is a wide, comfortable handle for ease of grip and several brush head designs to fit comfortably into mouths of any size. For example, models for children will have smaller bristle heads compared to toothbrushes designed for adults. Also, the softness of bristles can be customised. If you have sensitive teeth, you may want to opt for softer bristles.

The on/off switches are well-placed and easy to manoeuvre, and many brushes have adjustable power settings. All these features help transform your technique from that of a brusher to a brush positioner – allowing the brush to do the work for you.

Nowadays, people developed a new types of teeth cleaner - water flosser.

A water flosser, also known as an oral irrigator, is a handheld oral care device that directs a stream of water between your teeth and gums, removing food debris, plaque and bacteria. Combined with daily flossing, a water flosser enhances your daily oral care routine. There are many types of water flosser like cordless water flosser, countertop water flosser, travel water flosser and more. While there are many types of oral irrigators all feature a reservoir to hold the water, an electric motor to power the pump, and a special nozzle. The motor and pump cause a stream of pressurized water to flow from the reservoir, through the nozzle, and between teeth, to remove plaque food particles and bacteria.

Water Flosser Benefits

Some of the best water flossers feature multiple modes—even one for sensitive gums—that are perfect if gum sensitivity is a problem for you. They're also a gentle yet effective way to clean crowns, braces, bridges, and dental implants.

Another issue with daily flossing is that many people have a difficult time doing it properly. Most just put the floss between their teeth instead of making the recommended C-shape with the floss to insure it properly contacts all surfaces of the teeth. Plus, improper flossing can even cause gum tissue damage if done improperly. Water flossers are less technique-sensitive than string flossing, and don't require you to put your hands in your mouth or deal with used string floss. With less technique and pain involved, many people have more incentive to include flossing to their daily routine. 
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